funny worm disturbed orkut users

one of the most spreaded (7 lakh users in 24 hours) worm seems

infects the orkut recently.

The attackperformed via the injection of javascript to user profiles

and making spreading that script it self.

once user saws the script the script takes control of the user account and performs

a bombarding scraps to all freinds lists. The script makes user to join a community

'Infectados pelo VĂ­rus do Orkut', which translates as 'Infected by Orkut virus'. (http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=44001818) currently with members 556,934 !!!!!!!!!

to the users luck the guy just make to join a group rather than to land of in any other illegal activities

the bug said to be fixed but the members of that community is still increasing

the autor of the script is RODRIGO LACERDA as in that community description

Update : Now orkut is asking captcha to join the communities