Gmail enabled Imap Features !!!

One of the most demanded feature in gmail is released ie IMAP
there by beating other major mail providers

You can Compare imap vs pop3

Why IMAP is imp ?



Can view just message headers, and then choose which messages to downloadHave to download all messages at once
Can delete/move a message without having to download itHave to download all messages
Can download just text body of a messageHave to download entire message (including any large attachments)
Can view messages in all foldersCan only download messages from Inbox
Can access messages both at home/work,
and on the road through the web interface
Once downloaded, can only access messages at home/work
IMAP maintains the folders created in your webmail account while POP3 does not.

There are no folders in gmail, instead there are "labels" but they serve the same purpose. Learn Gmail APIs