Add friends as much as u can !!!

when orkut formed the orkut user have the ability to add freinds to his list as much as he can !!!
i have seen a guy named rato eminem who has 22K+ freinds

but this leads lot of spam.

and later the orkut team removed this option by restriction the freinds to 1000.

still you might have seen profiles having 1000+ freinds
well they used to exploit a bug in add freind request.

as they cant add the freinds but they can invite the freinds
once they try to send invitation to join orkut and orkut detects the user already in orkut network it asks user already in orkut are you trying to add as friend ? and you can add him as the freind

Note : http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=14718157485351132696 this guy has 50K friends