Orkut bugs - are they a result of 0 efforts?

Orkut bugs - are they caused by Google's lack of appreciation to their own projects?

Orkut is among the 15 top social networks that exist online. Google claim Orkut is a failure, because unlike it's search engine which is the worldwide number 1 , Orkut is just another "medicore quality product".

Some claim that the large amount of bugs that can be found in Orkut is very unlikely because of Google's standards, but please pay attention and check with google adwords tool how many searches are preformed within google to the "Orkut bugs" query.
Let me tell you - it's alot of people.

Why waste a project with that amount of potential? Their excessive use of Ajax platform that allows a dynamic interface (no need of constant refresh of pages) result in many Orkut bugs.
That's basically the cause of all popular bugs that can be found in this blog.

The massaging system is probably the weakest link among Orkut, which contains a large amount of bugs overall - but not as sever as in its massaging system. Multiple massages can not be deleted or marked unread, and read massages remain at unread status.

The main page is looking odd after they add the Ajax components, and design seem broken in certain browsers and resolutions. Funny thing is that I heard many people who use Google's browser - chrome, who claimed that Chrome doesn't support Orkut's code.

The largest and largest growing company in the world, Google, has decided to give 0 attention to their social network, because they think it has failed. Perhaps, they have never been to India, and perhaps they just have too many other projects, but if you are reading this -

Please fix the bugs so that your company's product will be up to par!